Welcome to TES Journals. This site is dedicated to providing stories from roleplaying through various Elder Scrolls series games. I will attempt to make the journals as interesting as possible, but at the same time will follow many of the quests defined by the games.

Also, it is important to note that there are many game spoilers within the journal since they do many of the games' quests.

Each journal is divided into several chapters, which are then divided into several parts. This allows for a chapter to span multiple pages, to prevent very long pages from be displayed at any one time.

Below is a list of journals that are currently available on this site:


The Dragonfires
A young warrior has arrived in Cyrodiil seeking adventure, and possible fame. An unfortunate incident at a local hotel caused Avingard to be imprisoned for unknown reasons. While in prison, however; he will begin the greatest adventure of his life.
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